Teen/Adults - Term 1, 2024 - Thurs 930-12pm, 5 weeks

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Class outline: All beginners should learn the first 3 basic pottery techniques - pinch, slab and coil. This class starts from the very beginning and is a MUST for all beginners wanting to know the process and the basic techniques. We ­will cover the process from start to finish.

Week 1:

  • Introductions, safety, theory, pottery process, cleaning.
  • Pinch pots – bowl or cup

Week 2:

  • Slab pottery – cup

Week 3:

  • Coiling - plate/bowl

Week 4:

  • Use your pinch, slab and coiling knowledge to create your own idea and see it become a reality! I’ll have projects on hand if you’d prefer to do one of those.

FINAL WEEK – TBC – Once your items have been bisqued I will be in touch for one final session so that you can glaze your items!

* please note : discount code/sale codes cannot be used for pottery classes.


The course consists of the following dates and times.

Thursday  8 feb, 930-12

Thursday 15 feb 930-12

Thursday 22 feb 930-12

Thursday 29 feb 930-12

Final week date TBC. 


Teens + Adults - 14+ years old.

Suitable for VERY beginners who have never done pottery before.

Venue: Julia’s studio, Pukerua Bay, Wellington.