NEW! Fantail Piwakawaka Rimu Necklace - Green

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Without doubt the iconic native Fantail bird of New Zealand is the most magical and precious sight to behold. This charming bird spread’s its wonderful tail into a fan to show us just why it was adorned with this name. 

This lovely Rimu necklace is the perfect way to remember our fluttering and cheeky friends. Wearing this necklace, you will feel connected to and reminded of the beauty and wonder of NZ. 

Design: Fantail (NZ Native Bird “Piwakawaka”) - NEW 2023
Colour: Rimu wood / Green
Materials: 100% Real Rimu Wood (NZ Native wood) veneer. Paint.
Size: 30mm, 80cm chain
Features: Made in New Zealand, Aotearoa.


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