C4 Term 3 - After school - Thursdays 3:30 -5:15pm

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Your child will have so much fun attending this Term 3 class. They’ll get their hands dirty while learning about clay and receiving 1:1 support from me in a small class environment. Classes take place at my home studio in Pukerua Bay, Wellington. I love to teach children about clay and encourage creativity!

* please note : discount code/sale codes cannot be used for pottery classes.


Each Thursday of Term 3 for 8 weeks.



8-13 year olds (Primary & Intermediate children).

Venue: Julia’s studio, Pukerua Bay, Wellington. 

8 x classes = $265 ($33 / class which includes everything!).

Class outline:

1.        Introductions, Safety & Theory

2.        Guided slab & pinch pot creations.

3.        Each week we will complete a new project, or your child can bring their own ideas.

4.        Glazing.

5.        Tidying/cleaning your space.

6.        Pickup of finished items.


1.        Tuition - small classes of 5-8 children.

2.        Clay (up to 4kg each). Additional clay can be bought at $20/kg (includes firing/glazing of items made with additional clay.

3.        Glazes

4.        Bisque Firing

5.        Glaze Firing

6.        Use of all tools and equipment.

7.        Theory/info sheets to take home

8.        Finished items to take home. Pickup will be during the last week of Term.

Your child will receive an achievement certificate and worksheets for completing the Intro 1 class when they pickup their finished items.

About me!

I've been running JHD for over 11 years now, and I’ve been pottering around for about 3 years, Pottery has become a hobby, and pretty much an obsession! I love teaching children about clay in the comfort of my home studio space. I believe in nurturing creativity, and helping others express themselves through art and creation. These classes are suitable for all children, of all abilities, and will hopefully open a whole new world of fun, creativity, and passion for them! If they love the class, they can attend a follow-on class – more classes will be added as things progress.