Mustard Porcelain Jewellery Dish

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Keep all your favourite pairs of earrings in one spot, and show them off on this gorgeous porcelain ceramic dish. Perfect on your dresser for quick and easy access to your faves!

These dishes are handmade in Wellington, Kapiti Coast. They are created from fine Porcelain clay, hand-moulded, dried, kiln-fired, glazed, and re-fired in the kiln using traditional ceramic techniques. The glaze has been overlapped to create this beautiful colour effect.

A great gift to give alongside some of our earrings.

Size: Approx 11cm long

Width: Approx 8cm wide.

Depth: Approx 1cm high.

Note: Please keep in mind each item will differ slightly from the picture shown as these are all one-off items made individually by hand, therefore no 2 dishes will ever be the same. Because of the wonderful process of hand-moulding they will also not be identical or "perfect" - this is the amazing charm of purchasing handmade porcelain items, you will have a dish that is as individual as you!