C5 Teen/adult pottery workshop - Pinch Pot Cup & Bowl - Sun 20 August

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You will have so much fun attending this workshop! You’ll  make a pinch pot bowl, and a pinch pot cup. This class take place at my home studio in Pukerua Bay, Wellington. I love to teach clay and encourage creativity!

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Sunday 20 August. 930am-11am.


All ages and abilities 14+ years.

Venue: Julia’s studio, Pukerua Bay, Wellington. 

Class outline:

1.        Introductions, Safety & Theory

2.        Guided pinch pot creations.

5.        Tidying/cleaning your space.

6.        Pickup of finished items approx 5 weeks after class.


1.        Tuition - small classes of 5-8.

2.        Clay (up to 700g each)

3.        Bisque Firing

4.        Glaze Firing

5.        Use of all tools and equipment.

6.        Finished items to take home (2 items). Pickup 5 weeks approx after class.

Items will be able to be picked up approximately 5 weeks after the workshop once they have been fired and glazed.

This is a fun, short class for teens & adults. Come along and try your hand at clay !

About me!

I've been running JHD for over 11 years now, and I’ve been pottering around for about 3 years, Pottery has become a hobby, and pretty much an obsession! I love teaching clay in the comfort of my home studio space. I believe in nurturing creativity, and helping others express themselves through art and creation. These classes are suitable for teens and adults of all ages and abilities, and will hopefully open a whole new world of fun, creativity, and passion for you!